Feed A Need for Kindness


Lady Gaga is very well known for her unique fashion and award-winning vocals, but she is not as well known for her foundation. Along with her mother Cynthia Germanotta, the two founded the Born This Way Foundation with the purpose of building better communities and inspiring youth. Germanotta also started blogging on The Huffington Post after the foundation was started. One of her most recent blogs targeted the world’s lack of reporting good news. In “We Have Enough Bad News. It’s Time To Channel Kindness.“, Germanotta discusses the overwhelming amount of bad news reported on a daily basis in the media as opposed to the almost nonexistent hopeful and positive amount of news. The problem, she writes, is not that there is no good in the world, but it is being overshadowed by all the negative broadcasting. Her solution for this need is to Channel Kindness by connecting with youth across the country to report the kindness they notice in their own communities. By bringing stories of acts of kindness and goodness to the attention of people, and especially youth, Germanotta is feeding the need for kindness. This will bring a sense of hope and encouragement to everyone — a reminder that there is good in the world and a light in our future. I agree with every one of Germanotta’s points and before even reading about her foundation and this project I had wanted to feed the need for kindness so I’m very happy to have stubbled across her article.


3 thoughts on “Feed A Need for Kindness

  1. sfdetermination says:

    I love lady gaga too! I had no idea that she had this organization and I think its so amazing that Gaga and her mother are doing this organization together. I love the idea that they are spreading kindness in their community because I believe that people should look at the positive things in their community, I think its amazing that they are spreading this message.

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  2. Alix says:

    This is awesome, I didn’t even know Lady Gaga had a foundation. I’m going to read those blog posts now. It’s great that people are trying to bring more good news into media, because I agree that this is something we all need more of.

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