A Daily Dose of Kindness – Part 1

Google introduced the “20Time Project” to its employees to give them 20% of their paid work time to work on personal projects. Many well know applications, such as Gmail, have come from this project. In my English class, we are “feeding a need” through 20Time Projects. My friend and I are seeking to feed the need for kindness. Today’s society is overrun with bad news, creating a very pessimistic feeling in most. We are hoping to change this negative view on the world by giving people a way to share their random acts of kindness. Through an app, people will be able to read encouraging words from others, share kindness they’ve witnessed or experienced, and get ideas how they can actively spread kindness. The first step in our project was to research how kindness affects the overall happiness of a person. A study in The Journal of Social Psychology found that people who perform an act of kindness a day experience an overall increase in happiness. Our next step is to create an Elevator Pitch to convince our class that our project is worth their — fictional — investment. This pitch will be an overall view of everything we plan to achieve and how we plan to achieve it through our app. After our pitch, we will beginning work on our app. This app will include five sections. The first will be a home screen where people can read about the kindness of others. This will be similar to most other social media platforms, on which you can like and comment on posts. The second section will have ideas for kindness that people can perform on a daily basis, if they choose. The third section is where people can share their kindness. This can be a post explaining a specific act of kindness — with a picture if they want — or simply some encouraging words they want to share with others. The fourth section will an info area. People can read about the affects of kindness — including possible fun facts — along with the background of the app. The final section will be a person’s personal profile along with all their information. Through this app, we hope to encourage people to act kindly and spread happiness in their local communities.


2 thoughts on “A Daily Dose of Kindness – Part 1

  1. fensterbester says:

    Hi Jules

    Love the idea of spreading more kindness. Perhaps you can add a section for people in need of kindness, where some who are willing to give can find others in need? Or even just an automatic prompt/ pop-up that displays if a user needs it?

    Best of luck!


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