A Daily Dose of Kindness- part 2

Now that our class knows about our project and what the goal of our app is, we can get started on the actual app. We’ve decided that our app will have five sections each with a its own purpose. 1) Home 2) In Need of Kindness 3) Add a Post 4) Ideas of Kindness 5) Profile. Section two will allow people who are in need of kindness to find people or groups near them who can help them out. In the home page, as someone is scrolling through their feed, they can “follow” certain posts which they wish to get updates on in the future. This way someone can give updates about a certain act that they carried out or experienced. We plan to first get the word out for this app through the leadership class at our school. They are holding a “kindness week” and we want to connect with them so that students at our school can start to use the app. We really want this app to be an encouragement to people and not just a way to pass the time while sitting in the waiting room. We hope that people will use our app to bring some happiness into their lives.


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