A Daily Dose of Kindness – Part 3

We’ve created a survey for people to give us their opinion on kindness in general and our project specifically. A majority of the responses were from high school students but college and post-college were also included. Each participant was asked to give their own definition of kindness and asked in which form they would prefer to experience kindness through (actions or words). All of the definitions of kindness were along the same lines and more than three quarters of the respondents said they prefer actions over words. It was very encouraging to see that over 90% of the people who answered our survey perform random acts of kindness at least once a week! Just under half of this percentage said they do this daily. A majority of them also gave our app a 4/5 for likeness that they would use it. From those who answered the question of when a random act of kindness would have made their day, it is easy to see that random acts would help anyone feel better at anytime. Suggestions were given as well and from these we can get many new ideas for our app and how we can make it so that it will satisfy the needs of our community.


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