Book Post 1

I have chosen to read Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas for my independent reading book in English. When I first found out we would be reading a book of our choice for class, I was overly excited. I’m a huge reader and have, on occasion, been found guilty of reading in bed until sunrise. I have multiple books on my bookshelf that I’ve been wanting to read so I figured I wouldn’t have any problem choosing a book. However when the time came, I really didn’t know which book I wanted to read more. Should I read the sequel to a book, or start an entirely new story? I opted for the latter and started reading The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee only to discover that it wasn’t as appeal as I had expected it to be. (To be honest, when this novel first came out I bought it after seeing how pretty its cover was… I mean really who doesn’t judge a book by its cover??) Then, a couple days ago Sarah J. Maas posted the cover of her upcoming novel on Instagram and I was reminded of my love for both of her series. I even own the coloring book to one of her series, how could I forget about her books?! It was long overdue for me to read the most recent novel in the Throne of Glass Series so I quickly purchased it and started reading. How can you not love a book about a girl assassin who you later find out has magical powers and then is discovered to be the lost queen of a fallen kingdom. Does it get any better than this? As I started reading the fifth novel in the series, I got very confused. The first chapter mentioned characters I had no memory of. I eventually realized the characters were from years ago and they were likely the ancestors of the main character, Aelin. Before continuing I had to go back to the previous book to be reminded of what happened because it’s been close to a year since I last read it. Once I remembered who almost everyone was — it’s still work in progress — I began reading. I started remembering more and more as I read. I can’t wait to see where this book goes.


4 thoughts on “Book Post 1

    1. jules14g says:

      Definitely!! The fact that entire worlds are created from one person’s thoughts has always amazed me. I love getting to use my own imagination to picture just what that world might look like. The possibilities are endless.


  1. mrsnblogs says:

    I feel the same way about reading! Just this week I stayed up way too late reading for hours because I wanted to see how the novel would end. I’m glad you’re enjoying this book so far; I’m not familiar with the series so now I’m curious to learn more.


    1. jules14g says:

      It’s so hard to put down a book. I always tell myself that I’ll just finish the chapter, but then the chapter has the most suspenseful ending and I find I can’t stop myself from turning the page.


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