Humans, and Queens, of Denmark

Before his tragic death, I was married to King Hamlet of Denmark as his Queen, which I believe to be my calling. A month after his passing, his brother — the now King Claudius — was gracious enough to offer me his hand in marriage. I could not be happier to remain Queen of beautiful Denmark. There is no reason to not remarry so soon, although some — including my son Hamlet — do not agree. We must remember that death is natural and will eventually claim us all. We mustn’t mourn for the loss of a life, but continue living out own. I only wish my son would see this. He is too caught up in the death of his father and he must let it go. It was a death like any other and I wish he weren’t so convinced that something were wrong. For now, I will live out my life as the Queen.

– Queen Gertrude of Denmark


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