A Daily Dose of Kindness — Part 4

As we continue to work on this project, we’ve realized that making an app is not nearly as easy as we’d been hoping. I downloaded a program that was supposed to make developing an app fast and easy — waited hours for it to install — only to open it and discover that I didn’t even know the kindergarten-level of coding. (There are different ‘languages’ of coding????) My partner and I quickly decided an app wasn’t the way to go and decided we’d try a public blog. But how do you let multiple people post to your blog? And do they have to have an account to be able to? We wanted to make this process as easy for the user as we possibly could. In the end, we decided a Facebook Group would be the best way to go. A majority of Americans are on Facebook, so they already have easy access to this group. Anybody can post encouraging words or share a video of an act of kindness with no trouble. While a Facebook group was not the end goal of this project, the familiarity and effortlessness it will provide is worth the change.


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