A Daily Dose of a Kindness — Part 6

As we get closer and closer to the end of this project, we’ve noticed that the hardest part is getting people to start using and posting to the Facebook group. We’ve added a few family and friends, but none of them have done anything in the group yet. I think my partner and I need to post more words and acts of kindness that we’ve experienced so that people will see our goals for the group and want to post — or at least comment — something themselves. Next week is Empowerment Week at school so we will try to get in contact with leadership. If they can include it into one of the days, our school of 1,200 students will hear about our project. Likely few of them will join, but at least they will have heard about it so that they can potentially spread the word to others. We just need to keep telling people about it and hoping that more and more people will find it on Facebook.


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