Not really sure what to say about myself…

I’m an only child and I like to blame my social awkward-ness on the fact, but I also have six cousins I have grown up with. We’ve all gone to one of two rival high schools in the area and know each other like siblings. Coming from a musical family, music is a pretty big part of my life – both in listening and playing. When I was four my parents got me started with piano lessons and I played flute in my elementary and middle school band. A few years ago, filling a big dream of mine, I started playing violin. Currently, I’m attempting to teach myself guitar. I also love singing and am a part of our school choir. I’m one of those people who just never grew out of my five-year-old self’s obsession with horses. I could only dream of living on a ranch with dozens of horses. I take weekly riding lessons at a ranch not far from my house, yet I live in the middle of the city. It’s pretty amazing.

So yeah, that’s some random stuff about me 🙂

– J